Tom Vaughan the aspiring greenwood craftsman

Welcome to The Greenwood Chair Project

I’m Tom Vaughan, a greenwood craftsman from South Devon. My primary love is working with timber, especially greenwood, which is unseasoned timber. I was lucky enough to be introduced to this fantastic craft by Guy Mallinson at his woodland workshop in Dorset during the autumn of 2009. This was part of the BBC 2 television series of tradition rural crafts called ‘Mastercrafts’ aired during the spring of 2010.

This brilliant opportunity has given me a love of creating function and beautiful greenwood chairs by hand, using only simple hand tools and recently felled, locally sourced, round hardwood timber. This love has continued to develop and I am now working with a friend and fellow craftsman, Chris Amey on a collaborative project to produce high quality greenwood chairs for commission and sale. Please contact me for further details.

The Greenwood Chair Project is a visual diary of my journey into greenwood working. It illustrates the process involved in making the chairs, as I believe this is as interesting as the final pieces.

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