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The Greenwood Chair Project evolves.




Batch producing greenwood chairs

Since Mastercrafts back in 2009, I have continued to practice and develop my love for working with green timber. This as involved lots of time up at Guy Mallinsons woodland workshop, and back home building my own shave horse, pole lathe and collection of froes, draw knifes and other tools.

Following the programme airing, Chris Amey contacted me as he had an interest in making greenwood chairs, and lived only a few miles away. We have since become very good friends, now sharing a workshop were I design and build hen houses ( and work on greenwood commissions while Chris creates his fantastic wood sculptures (

Together we are hoping to push the Greenwood Chair Project into new terretory, including designing and making greenwood chairs to order. This has led to an evolution of the Greenwood Chair Project whereby Chris and I are taking on some of the ways that traditional chair bodgers worked together, making components in larger volumes and almost mass producing chairs. Although I’m sure that IKEA are not quite shaking in there boots just yet, it does mean that we are able to offer high quality, hand made greenwood chairs for sale or commission.

More details will follow soon, but in the meantime please free free to contact me or Chris with any questions or commissions.

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